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2018 Antwerpen

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Bobbejaanland Mount Mara

Somewhere in the wild forests of ominous Khyonesia lays the mysterious mountain Mount Mara, where the evil spirits caused a massive volcanic eruption. Can you make your way through the burning jungle with your super-fast quad?There's a new attraction in Bobbejaanland!


Whut? A new attraction, again? Yes way! And an awesome one because it's super techy - "Are we in the future"? The attraction is experienced in Virtual Reality. How cool is that?

It is located right next to The Forbidden Caves in the park, so it seemed quite obvious to theme it the same. We created a logo, the full branding and the theming of the attraction. We built a website mountmara.be where fans can discover the virtual world already. We did a radio and TV ad and created a full digital campaign on social!