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Maes: Cactus van de week

2016. The year we'll all remember as the year of big innovations at the Maes brewery, with their new delicious product Maes Radler Lime-Cactus leading the innovation pack. But, how do you inject such a stinging beverage into the market? How do we activate the target audience online and how do we highlight the features of the product?

Easy! What do cacti and people have in common? They can both be pricks. So we decided it was high time to create an award for the biggest online pricks. Every two weeks, we'll nominate 3 people who appeared in the media because they gave a highly sensitive reaction for some reason - whether it's positive or negative. Beef between Kanye and Taylor? Check! Trump giving another stupid comment? Double check! And the winner? They get to taste the new Maes Radler Lime-Cactus for free! Head over to cactusvandeweek.be to see all nominees.