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Bobbejaanland: The Forbidden Caves

Meet Jasper DuBois, the main character in Bobbejaanland’s ‘The Forbidden Caves’. Although they’re not actually forbidden and it’s actually a cave. It’s an attraction, but that’s not the story we told everybody else.

Buckle up and get ready for some awesomeness. We’re doing a campaign to announce the new ride. Let’s start with the story. We invented it. Uhu, it's not real (hate to break it to you). In the story, Jasper Dubois follows the footsteps of his granddad, a genius explorer of the caves somewhere in Kyonesia, on his quest to the mysterious crystals. Nowadays, Jasper guides 'Amazing Cave Tours' AKA the new attraction in Bobbejaanland.


The campaign

The attraction is quite the adventure, but that was nothing compared to the shooting of the TV commercial. We went all the way to Congo for that one. An 8-hour flight, mosquito bites, loads of sweat and ton of bloopers later we proudly watched our ad on national television. Supported by an online campaign, the story only became more mysterious.

What else did we do? Heck! What else didn't we do?! We created a website forbiddencaves.be with all of Jasper's stories on it. We did the whole branding, pondered over the campaign image, did an outdoor campaign, created the logo and the theming of the attraction itself. And last but not least, we transformed the Bobbejaanland Instagram so that it looked like Jasper was taking it over - including all his mysterious discoveries in the caves.